Welcome to the home for specialized building and construction software businesses

Civenso is a group of leading companies providing solutions for structural analysis, precast concrete manufacturing, windows & frames manufacturing, and energy modeling. We are always looking for new additions to our growing family of software companies.

We want to build the best possible home for leading niche construction and engineering software businesses globally

Our approach is humble and open-minded, and we always seek continuous learning and improvement.  

Civenso partner with leaders and teams that we can trust. Our decentralized operating model empowers the leaders of our businesses to make their own decisions. We prefer when decisions are made locally with the local customers in mind. We do not believe we have all the right answers and believe that being a good owner often requires us to be hands-off.

Our philosophy of eternal ownership and with no plan to sell our businesses gives us the opportunity to plan for the very long-term in mind. This includes investing heavily in R&D and expansion opportunities

A decentralized ownership philosophy

Civenso is owned by Vind (the majority owner), former shareholders of the operating businesses and other employees. Vind operates with a decentralized ownership philosophy exhibiting many of the same traits as that of Civenso. Vind owns several businesses that are highly knowledge- and technology oriented in areas such as software for professionals, laboratory science and measurement technology.

Become a part of Civenso

Are you interested in having your company join Civenso? Great! Civenso is always looking for quality businesses to partner with. We are primarily interested in market leaders within relevant technical- and geographic niches of the building and construction software industry.

We are looking for quality businesses

Civenso initiate partnerships with both small and large companies. These businesses should be profitable and experience a growing user base.

Support when requested

When our businesses want assistance, we help them to the best of our abilities drawing on our expertise within areas such as capital allocation, recruitment, incentive programs, international expansion, KPI/OKR follow-up among other things.

Become co-owner in Civenso

We facilitate for the former owners, the management and employees to become/remain co-owners in Civenso. We believe that a sense of ownership to the workplace is motivational and encourages cooperation.