Civenso is a fast-growing family of software companies that is always looking for quality businesses to partner with.

We have an eternal ownership philosophy

New partners

Are you interested in having your company join Civenso? Great! Civenso is always looking for quality businesses to partner with. We are primarily interested in market leaders within relevant technical- and geographic niches of the building and construction software industry.

We are looking for managers who we can trust, who act with their company’s best interest in mind and who preferably are able to stay involved as the partnership progresses. We typically do not look to make big changes to your business and will pre-agree with you if we believe changes are necessary.

Your business will typically benefit from best practice sharing and sometimes direct cooperation with the other Civenso businesses. We facilitate for the former owners, the management and employees to become/remain co-owners in Civenso. We believe that a sense of ownership to the workplace is motivational and encourages cooperation.

Civenso initiate partnerships with both small and large companies. These companies should be profitable and experience a growing user base. We can offer a competitive pricing of your company and are able to execute a lean and highly effective acquisition process.

A decentralized ownership philosophy

Civenso is owned by Vind (the majority owner), former shareholders of the operating businesses and other employees. Vind operates with a decentralized ownership philosophy exhibiting many of the same traits as that of Civenso. Vind owns several businesses that are highly knowledge- and technology oriented in areas such as software for professionals, laboratory science and measurement technology.

"We are rapidly evolving and are the market leader in specialized building and construction software businesses globally. We are grateful for all the competence that is in the group."

Niklas Gustavsson

Business developer